Jollof Wars at #IATF2023

CANEX and African Food Changemakers organized a culinary celebration at #IATF2023, focusing on the iconic Jollof rice, sparking the “Jollof Wars” between Nigeria, Ghana, and Senegal. Indeed, delegates at the #IATF2023 were engrossed in the delightful culinary celebration.

The friendly culinary rivalry was evident as delegates enjoyed the aromatic symphony of spices and flavours in the air.

Nigeria, Ghana, and Senegal all have unique variations of Jollof, each with distinct flavours and aromas. The banter was lively and entertaining, with the sizzling pots adding to the lively atmosphere.

The chefs behind these delectable dishes were Ghanaian Executive Chef Mr. Dediha George, Senegalese Chef Mr. Abdoulaye Tamsir Ndir, and Nigerian Chef Mrs. Moyosoreoluwa Odunfa.

Chefs from various culinary backgrounds exchanged playful banter and trade secrets at this global feast, celebrating cultural diversity and gastronomic excellence.

The Jollof Wars may continue, but today, they served as a delicious reminder that our differences are the spices that make life truly flavourful.

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