‘Human capital development key to Africa-India cooperation’

Indian Africa

High powered panellists who participated in the sixth session on the Africa-India Cooperation on Thursday harped on the importance of skills development and education towards the socio-economic transformation and development of both regions.

India’s Minister of State for Finance, Santosh Kumar Gangwar, says the government of Prime Minister Nerandra Modi recognizes the urgency of providing quality education and skills as well as avenues for the youths to channel their energy and talents for the development of the country. He urged their African counterparts to follow the Indian example.

Prakash Javadekar, India’s Minister of Human Resources Development, says the Indian government is determined to take the India-Africa Cooperation to the next level. According to him, cooperation in education and skill is very important and in the next five years, India will be doubling its scholarship programme for African students to 50,000 so that more African youths will come to India to study.

Alvin Attah, Deputy Minister of Economic Management, Liberia believes there is an urgent need for African leaders and their development partners to groom a new generation people with the right skills and education to lead the continent’s next phase of development agenda.

For Moataz Yaken, First Advisor to the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, Egypt, African leaders must act fast to build a new pool of human resources that would contribute to its economic transformation.

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