Bridging the poverty gap

The conversation on ways to reduce poverty and spur growth at the ongoing IMF/World Bank meetings was, indeed a harvest of ideas.

Jordan’s Minister of Planning, Mr Mohammed Al-Assiss, who was in the discussion panel, identified energy as a huge handicap in the country’s effort to stem the tide of poverty.

For Republic of Niger Minister of Planning Madame Aichatou Kane, her country is doing its best to transform the economic landscape and empower the people to excel and overcome poverty while Kenya proudly announced that it was, indeed, taking giant strides to effectively handle the issue of job creation for its youths.

The Governor, Central Bank of Kenya, Mr Patrick Njuroge, observed that though the issue of poverty might be huge in Africa, there was need to demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of the people. He was however optimistic that the African Continental Free Trade Area holds plenty of promise to the people and will help spur growth in needed ways.

President of the World Bank, Mr David Malpass, who played the neutral role of encouraging discussion in the crucial areas of economic development, commended the efforts of many countries in Africa but called for transparency and connectivity with the people in dealing with the issues inimical to growth and wealth creation.

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