Afreximbank launches African filmmakers’ fund

The African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) has launched a joint finance fund for African filmmakers and directors during the Creative Africa Nexus event at IATF 2023 in Cairo, Egypt.

Afreximbank’s Executive Vice President, Kanayo Awani, says the fund is aimed at supporting the African filmmaking industry and securing global financing.

According to her, the CANEX programme goes beyond showcasing African talents; it shapes narratives, challenges stereotypes, and transforms lives through creativity.

“Africa is a continent brimming with artistic brilliance, vibrant cultures, and untold stories. From the shimmering Saharan sunsets to the rhythmic beats of vibrant cities, there is a rich tapestry of inspiration waiting to be weaved into masterpieces that will captivate the world,” Awani says.

Awani says this year’s trade fair provides an ample opportunity to harness this creative potential and showcase the immense talent that lies within the extended African borders.

She emphasized that this year’s trade fair offers a chance to showcase the creative potential of the extended African borders.


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