IATF2023 explores challenges and opportunities in African sports industry

The #IATF2023, the third edition of the Intra-African Trade Fair, highlighted the challenges and future prospects of the African sports industry.

During a session entitled “The Business of Sports Masterclass” on the sixth day of the #IATF2023, Founder and President of SWA Sports, Aisha Shuaibu, highlighted challenges in Africa like political interference, corruption, funding, education, lack of technical expertise, gender inequality, and limited infrastructure.

Discussing the future outlook, Shuaibu proposed future solutions for African sports, including partnerships, collaboration, increased sports-preneurs, consistent investment, data, favourable government policies, and government endorsement, emphasizing the need for reliable data. She emphasized the need for reliable data in African sports.

“We don’t really have reliable data with African sports,” she commented.

Shuaibu highlighted Africa’s significant focus on revenue generation, highlighting the potential of sports as a means to boost internal revenue.

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